Monday, May 19, 2008

knit thoughts.....

I gave up on a cabled pillow I had started on...just to learn how to cable. HA! I know how now, so I've set it aside.

Started on a cool market bag pattern using Moda Dea Ticker Tape...what a boogar it is trying to K2tog with that slippery stuff. The bag will turn out very cool tho. I'm also quickly doing up a dishcloth for a friend's birthday on Friday.

I just wish that my sinus pain would freaking GO AWAY!! Either that or its a permanent tension headache....ugh.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ever get tired of a project?

I've been working on a sleeveless sweater, first one, and I'm really getting tired of it already. It's only a "6 hour" project so I'm going with the fact that I really don't like the yarn. It's one of those 1 pound footballs you can buy, I think it's Sensations Boucle. I'm using 3 strands since it's so thin, but I have to admit I just don't like the yarn.

So, I'm going to distract myself and make a couple of dishcloths for a friends birthday on Sat. TG I won't see her over the weekend and she's off work Mon and Tues!

I also bought a bunch of cotton from Joanns online yesterday to get a head start on some Christmas themed dishcloths. Great gifts for someone at the last minute. Add to the fact that it's starting to get warmer here and those types of small projects don't lay all over my lap.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Another day of searching

I've been searching for some free Christmas themed dishcloth patterns. I couldn't really find anything free so I broke down and bought some. Pay Pal is truly a PITA...*sigh*

When I get better at this, I'll post some pics of some of my finished projects, trust me, there ain't many this early in the game.